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Remnant Warriors Rise

Remnant Warriors Rise

God is calling to his church in this last day hour! He is calling remnant PRAYER WARRIORS to rise up and intercede for their families, communities, and the nation. The remnant church must become an EPICENTER for the move of God in this hour.

Recent Episodes

God is about to visit his people!

June 14, 2022

If you have waited and longed for God to do something in your life, I believe harvest season is upon us! The seeds that you’ve sown in darkness, and through difficulties, and while you walked in trials, God is about to brin…

Your Delayed Destiny

June 7, 2022

Often times it feels like things aren’t working out just right, or working out fast enough. But Delay does not mean decline!

What to do in a moment of confusion

June 5, 2022

Confusion doesn’t come from the Lord. If you are battling to reach a place of clarity, do not give up! The Lord is still with you, and the Holy Spirit wants to speak clearly into your heart. His purpose in his plan will come…

Lord, fight against those who fight against me.

May 24, 2022

God will fight for you!

The power of our prayer

May 5, 2022

The Lord gives us this ultimate resource, where we can stay in connection with him, and where we can overcome all the obstacles and circumstances we face. This resource is our place of prayer! When we seek the face of God we…

Jesus is The Hope You Need

May 3, 2022

God wants so much to be your Heavenly Father! He made a way for us to come to him and be part of his amazing plan. You have a place in the Remnant…You are called to be a Warrior…It’s time to rise!

Recent Blog Posts

Releasing the Kingdom of God

For months now God has consumed me with this idea of releasing the kingdom of God.  He is calling people in this hour, in his church, his people, t…

Teach me to pray

The greatest desire of my heart is to be a person of prayer. A man of prayer that knows God deeply, and spends valuable time with him in the secret place…

Stuck In The Middle

Have you ever felt like you were in the middle? You are not where you were… But you also are not where you are supposed to be going. You’re …