Remnant Warriors Rise

Remnant Warriors Rise

God is calling to his church in this last day hour! He is calling remnant PRAYER WARRIORS to rise up and intercede for their families, communities, and the nation. The remnant church must become an EPICENTER for the move of God in this hour.

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God Uses Those Who Feel Small and Weak

Aug. 17, 2022

God Uses Those Who Feel Small and Weak. Often the small and weak are discounted and thrown to the side, but not in God’s kingdom. The Lord seeks out those who MUST rely on him and promotes them into places of influence.

Gatekeepers of Culture

Aug. 15, 2022

It is time for the church to rise up into the calling of God to sound the alarm about what we see happening all around us. We are watchmen. When we see culture move towards ideas that are increasingly sinful and harmful, we…

Stop being OK with just being OK

Aug. 11, 2022

The Lord is calling people to repentance in this hour. His Remnant Warriors he is asking to rise… To live a lifestyle of repentance that refuses to be OK with just being OK.

A WORD to the Remnant: it’s time for my runners to get ready!

July 8, 2022

A WORD to the Remnant: it’s time for my runners to get ready! #remnantwarriorsrise #ChristianTiktok #spiritualwarfare #Jesus #God #BibleVerse #Bibleverseoftheday #Prayer #Christian #Christianity #Faith #Freedom #Truth #salva…

The Battle is Fierce but YOU WILL WIN

July 5, 2022

#remnantwarriorsrise #ChristianTiktok #spiritualwarfare #Jesus #God #BibleVerse #Bibleverseoftheday #Prayer #Christian #Christianity #Faith #Freedom #Truth #salvation #holiness #healing #miracles #miracle #awakening #grace #…

God is about to visit his people!

June 14, 2022

If you have waited and longed for God to do something in your life, I believe harvest season is upon us! The seeds that you’ve sown in darkness, and through difficulties, and while you walked in trials, God is about to brin…

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The Church is The Gatekeeper of Culture

I believe that God is in the habit of raising WATCHMEN. There are people he calls to watch over, look after, and see things go how they are supposed to …

Releasing the Kingdom of God

For months now God has consumed me with this idea of releasing the kingdom of God.  He is calling people in this hour, in his church, his people, t…

Teach me to pray

The greatest desire of my heart is to be a person of prayer. A man of prayer that knows God deeply, and spends valuable time with him in the secret place…