Remnant Warriors Rise


Revival Is Coming And It’s Time For Remnant Prayer Warriors To Rise…

I’m Larry Shankle. Since 1996 I’ve had the great opportunity and blessing to be a pastor. The main thing God spoke to my heart when he called me was, “to preach revival.”

There are many ways to “preach revival,” but only recently have I come to understand more fully what his call really means for me.

This is the time, if ever there was a time, it is now…To Boldly Proclaim The Power Of The Gospel, The Authority Of Jesus, The Baptism In The Holy Spirit, And The Absolute Centrality Of The Cross Of Jesus And The Blood Of Jesus.

Revival is coming to the church if we want it and if we seek it. Signs and miracles are still real and God can still perform them. Healing, deliverance, setting free from bondage, and overcoming the devil are still the heritage of the church and the individual believer.

God has impressed the absolute importance of prayer warriors on my heart. We need men and women to rise up and pray like never before. This is the moment in history for remnant prayer warriors to rise and seek the face of God for a mighty outpouring of his Holy Spirit…

Will You Rise?