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The Wonder Working Blood: Everything You Need Is Found Through The Blood of Jesus

We know the results Jesus' cross purchased for us. Salvation brings eternal life and freedom from our past. However, we may not realize the power of applying the precious blood of Jesus in our life.

In this short read, you'll discover the effective working of Christ's blood on your behalf.

You'll discover:
- The blood fights for you. It is a power source in your battle against the forces of darkness.
- Jesus provides healing for our physical body, and this miraculous benefit is in his blood.
- You have access to God's throne room, and Jesus' blood is the key.
- A covenant relationship with the Heavenly Father becomes a reality through applying the blood of Jesus.

This book will help you grow stronger and apply the wonder-working power of Christ's blood in your own life!

Kindle book - $ .99
Soft Cover - $4.47


What Did I Just Hear? (Faith-Based Children’s Book)

If you’re a parent trying to help her kids overcome fear at night or fear of the unknown, read on…because this is the perfect Faith-Based story your child needs to hear!

Oliver is a scared little rabbit, who like most rabbits, has great big ears that hear every unknown sound filling the nighttime air. Follow along with Oliver on his journey from fear to faith, and help your child learn the importance of God‘s Word for themselves.

Every parent knows that bedtime is one of the most difficult and trying times a child has to face. The dark room, sounds that go “bump” in the night, and the sense of the unknown all combine to make your child very frightened.

Oliver is facing the same challenges that your child faces. His story will help your little ones understand they can also move from fear to faith!
$2.99 to $14.99 (Depending on format. Go to Amazon for Kindle format)