Nov. 21, 2022

93. The God of Heaven Fights For You

93. The God of Heaven Fights For You


The God of Heaven Fights For You

🔴 You can know that heaven is in your favor. Heaven is on your side. The Lord of heaven and earth, He's going to be the one who's going to take care of you when all hell bursts loose against you. And we've all faced those times.

🔴 We face moments when obstacles literally just turned into brick walls that were impenetrable. We did not know how to break through. But in those times, whenever in our headspace the enemy tries to say, “well, now's the time to give up. You know, God's done all that He can do. He's not going to heal you. He's not going to help you. He's not going to come through this time. I know He did last time, but not this time.”

🔴 In the middle of all that, you've got to know and you've got to believe and understand the God of heaven fights for you. That if God is for us, who can be against us? We've got to deeply believe in our heart. No matter what we see with our eyes, no matter what we hear with our ears, the God of heaven fights for us.

🔴 He rises up from His throne at the cries of His children. You are His beloved one. You are His child. You're the one that is the apple of His eye. The Father sent Jesus Christ, His Son. He gave all of heaven, heaven's best, so that you could have eternal life with Him. The Bible says, how will He not with Him also freely give us all things? I'm going to tell you, God will. He is. He has given us all things.

🔴 Now, everything is not immediately in our hand as our possession. We don't always see the promise of God in our hand as a living reality at the moment, but by faith, we hold that promise in our heart. Deeply, it's got to be rooted. We're living in a season right now where it's a fruit season. God is about to bring some things to harvest and some things to pass, but before that harvest is fully realized, the enemy knows he has one last shot to come in and try to present chaos and bring chaos into your life, but listen, don't you dare give into that.

🔴 Don't you let the devil steal from you what God has freely given you. The God of heaven fights for you, so you rise up and be faithful to Him in Jesus’ name.🙌🏻

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