Dec. 29, 2021

God Is About To Move In 2022

God is looking to do something in you in 2022!

There are still gifts, callings, moves of His Spirit and outpourings that are on the way.
Right now is the time to start seeking the face of God for all that he wants to do IN YOU.

If you want revival, START by laying yourself OPEN before the face of the Lord. Ask him to show you anything that he wants from you. Be open to listen to his voice and don’t shut out anything that you hear from God.

There may be some things you hear in your spiritual ear that are scary to you…remember, it is NOT meant to inspire fear, BUT, the Lord is pulling people up from their comfortable places, and putting callings on our life in this last day hour.

Honestly, I believe we will see more and more people RISE UP this coming year of 2022 than we have ever seen. There world is ON THE THRESHOLD of the outpouring of God.

The revival we’ve longed for, the harvest we’ve prayed for, and the saturation of God’s Holy Spirit on the people of God is SO CLOSE!

What must we do?
Seek the Lord like never before…


Scripture says…

Colossians 4:2 NKJV
[2] Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;

To “continue earnestly,” literally means to “give your life to prayer.”
So the Lord is calling people to start GIVING their life to prayer RIGHT NOW. This prayer will make the difference in EVERYTHING.

In the coming days, we will NOT go forward without extreme, earth shaking, hell shaking prayer.
We have to STOP praying the sissy little prayers we’ve prayed in the past, and we must start praying things that are BIGGER than what we have ever believed for before.

The people of God HAVE TO REMEMBER that the Lord is BIG ENOUGH to do ANYTHING.
Scripture asks us…is anything too hard for the Lord?

Not only are we to give our life to prayer, but we are to be VIGILANT in it.
This word means, “to watch, or stay awake.”

For God’s people this means that we are to keep our eyes open, and our ears open to the voice of Holy Spirit. More dreams, more visions, more revelation is coming.

If we are AWAKE, God will speak to us.
Personally, this is my continued call to pray in the night. If the Lord so moves on you, I encourage you to take some time to pray during the night.

Get up at 3a.m.
Pray in the middle of the night.

Close yourself in with Jesus while the stillness of the night surrounds you and I promise you will hear God speak…I think he likes to show up in the night!

Colossians 4:1 also instructs us to be vigilant in prayer WITH thanksgiving.
This literally means with worship and praise. I’m praying right now that the Lord places a spirit of worship and praise on his people. That our hearts begin to be drawn to worship the Lord.

The fire and power of God shows up when we sincerely set ourselves to seek his face, giving our life to prayer, with open eyes staying awake, and through our persistent worship of the Lord.


And may this be the most BLESSED year you’ve ever had as a believer in Jesus…filled with the promises and power of God being demonstrated!