Sept. 15, 2021

Days of Hunger & Thirst | September 15, 2021

Days of Hunger & Thirst | September 15, 2021
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Our prayers are SO important and SO vital! As we agree together with one another, the kingdom of God advances and the anointing multiplies! We need the glory of God to fall on our nation once again, and it will, when the church picks up the mantle of God’s glory and begins to use it. As we seek the Lord, we should open ourselves up for all that he wants to pour out. Glory IS coming! God is GOING TO pour it out. Your prayer agreement and assignment are VITAL to the success of God’s mission…Listen, Pray, and SHARE this podcast! Don’t be afraid to have a voice, but use it. Share this podcast with your friends and on your social media. #GloryOfGod #RemnantWarriorsRise #PrayerWarriors To support this ministry go to

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