Sept. 5, 2022

God sent us the Holy Ghost to be our helper

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This experience we call being “baptized with the Holy Ghost” is real! The Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit as he is also referred to, is God’s Spirit. You don’t have to be afraid of this experience as some lead us to believe. When you embrace the experience of being baptized in the Holy Ghost you receive power from heaven to help you effectively walk on earth!

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00:00:11.14 - 00:00:20.13 
 Hey guys welcome there to the remnant Warriors Rise podcast Thanks again for joining me on this episode It's been a couple of weeks but I'm glad to be back with you

00:00:21.13 - 00:00:28.26 
 I'm telling you there's something that God is doing in this hour and I'm so grateful and thankful for the moving of his spirit for what he's doing

00:00:29.24 - 00:00:34.04 
 And that's exactly what I want to take a few minutes to talk about today God has a gift for you

00:00:34.81 - 00:00:46.3 
 See we live in an hour and a day and age when we we spiritual warfare is high there's so many things that are happening all around us Um the spiritual realm right now I believe is just

00:00:46.99 - 00:01:16.32 
 you know it's just replete with activity There's activity that's happening all around us in the spirit realm just as we believe in angels We also know that demonic forces are real and these things operate in the unseen realm They operate in the unseen world How are believers supposed to cope with these things We see stuff on a national level we see stuff on state level we see things in our family in our church

00:01:16.78 - 00:01:22.67 
 that desperately need work and they need God to come in and do what only God can do

00:01:23.96 - 00:01:25.54 
 Certainly we can pray

00:01:26.17 - 00:01:45.97 
 but what do we do How do we combat these things How do we fight against all that Well I'm gonna tell you God has given you a weapon he's given you a resource and he's given it in the form of a person it's the person of the Holy Ghost The Holy Spirit of God

00:01:46.57 - 00:02:03.67 
 the bible certainly the new testament speaks about the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit all through uh the entirety And wow what a gift I remember uh now let me just backtrack I I believe in the fullness of the Holy Spirit I'm full Gospel Um

00:02:04.19 - 00:02:30.45 
 I believe in all the working and manifestation and gifts of the Spirit and all those kinds of things And I remember years ago as I sought to be baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues other languages that um as I sought that gift you know and when God baptized me and I spoke in tongues and in the Spirit of God came upon me

00:02:30.7 - 00:02:40.23 
 Um I'll never forget how I felt I'll never forget the power that I felt I'll never forget the sense of God's presence and all the good things

00:02:41.11 - 00:02:57.55 
 that he was just doing in my life Uh it made such a difference Now I don't believe that we capitalize on experiences We need to know the word of God But I'm gonna also say experiences are still real and God wants to give you experiences

00:02:58.12 - 00:03:01.69 
 being baptized in the Holy Ghost is not just an experience

00:03:02.33 - 00:03:03.51 
 It's a feeling

00:03:04.23 - 00:03:14.48 
 person of God in the Holy Ghost comes upon you Now you say well I thought I had the Holy Spirit because I'm saved Yeah sure we do

00:03:14.71 - 00:03:38.99 
 because there's a couple of different ways The Holy Spirit operates When we get saved The Holy Spirit comes in us He begins to grow fruit in us He doesn't work in our life And and yes when you're saved you have the Holy Ghost in you operating in you doing a work in you to personally grow you to personally help you become more christ like But when you're baptized in the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues

00:03:39.44 - 00:03:57.26 
 he's come upon you he's come upon you so that you may serve God more effectively So that the gifts of the Spirit may operate in your life The fruit of the Spirit operates in your life when he comes into you at salvation he begins to plant that fruit cultivate that fruit But when you're baptized in the Holy Ghost

00:03:57.95 - 00:04:11.82 
 the gifts of the Spirit begin to be an operation in your life The bible says that each one of us God has given us a gift that the Holy Spirit divides those gifts severally as he will I'm gonna tell you the Holy Ghost is your ultimate resource

00:04:12.59 - 00:04:23.57 
 For instance the bible talks about the gift of discerning of spirits We live in a day and an age in a time when we have absolutely have no idea you know what maybe taking place around us

00:04:24.18 - 00:04:48.22 
 But the Holy Spirit on the inside of you can give you a discerning of those spirits Oh thank you Lord It gives you a heavenly prayer language that the devil cannot understand so that when you pray in the spirit the bible says that you're building yourselves up on your most holy Faith your faith is being built and enlarged and encouraged and you're praying to God

00:04:48.55 - 00:04:54.99 
 in a way that is absolutely according to his will And so we know that God answers prayer that's according to his will

00:04:55.85 - 00:05:11.74 
 So that whenever you face difficulties on your job or in your family or at your church in your mental state and emotional well being the Holy Spirit he is there he is there he is there and he is helping you and he has filled you

00:05:12.25 - 00:05:23.89 
 And he wants to work through you So I'm just telling you we need to seek God for this amazing gift Now here's what the Bible says The Bible says in the book of acts chapter one

00:05:25.2 - 00:05:27.43 
 Alright beginning Um

00:05:28.88 - 00:05:30.55 
 Well let's start at verse seven

00:05:31.17 - 00:05:44.71 
 he said and he said to them it is not for you to know the times and seasons which the father has put in his own authority In other words they're gonna be things that we don't know about seasons that happen in our lives Now I do believe there's some seasons we can discern

00:05:45.52 - 00:06:00.55 
 absolutely that God makes some things plain um that we reap what we sow and we we should understand that But he's talking about these things that only God the father is in charge of But this is what he says in verse eight but you shall receive power

00:06:01.07 - 00:06:03.27 
 when the Holy Spirit has come upon you

00:06:03.87 - 00:06:30.96 
 upon you when he's poured on you when he fills you baptize you he says and you shall be my you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and all judea and samaria and to the end of the earth Now I realize there's a lot of people who see things differently But I'm gonna tell you just from my experience I can't go by your experience All I can tell you is about my experience and I'm so entirely grateful that he baptized me with the Holy Ghost

00:06:31.1 - 00:06:46.3 
 and that power and that anointing of his spirit is able to rest upon our life because he's come upon us He has in dude us with power filled us and that's a secret weapon I'm telling you

00:06:46.84 - 00:07:01.07 
 The closer you get to jesus the more you pray in in the spirit the more you seek his face uh and allow the Holy Ghost to have his way in your life Um the more sensitive you get to the things that are happening around you

00:07:01.78 - 00:07:12.84 
 there's all sorts of things um that the bible declares about the Holy Ghost that he does for us And maybe we'll put out a few more episodes on this So maybe this is just an introduction

00:07:13.38 - 00:07:26.71 
 about the Holy Ghost but suffice it to say for today And I guess we'll just we'll leave off I want you to know that God desires to fill you baptize you with the Holy Ghost and Fire

00:07:27.31 - 00:07:34.05 
 with the evidence of speaking in other tones These gifts have not ceased they have not ceased

00:07:34.65 - 00:08:03.42 
 In fact scripture says in the book of Joel in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh He talks about dreams and prophetic things He's jesus says these signs shall follow them that believe he said Uh they're gonna speak with new languages new tongues Um you know it's in the same place where he says we're gonna lay hands on the sick and they're gonna recover Well I believe in that I've seen that I've experienced that

00:08:04.06 - 00:08:18.4 
 Why would I believe that anything jesus said was gonna happen to those who believe would pass away I believe And if you believe these signs can follow you the Holy Ghost is one of those signs not just a sign but a person feeling you

00:08:18.95 - 00:08:21.32 
 Now The Bible says in Acts chapter two

00:08:21.92 - 00:08:39.67 
 when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were setting Then there appeared to them divided tongues as of fire and one set upon each of them and they were all filled

00:08:39.99 - 00:08:57.3 
 with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance That was the moment in history where this baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire first came on the scene in the old testament Um

00:08:57.85 - 00:09:15.42 
 particular men and women only a few hand select few were ever able to be anointed with the Spirit of God and not even quite in the same way For the most part people had to hear God's voice through the prophet but now God was saying no my spirit has entered the earth

00:09:15.71 - 00:09:44.8 
 and I'm gonna be in you upon you with you I'm gonna work through you I'm gonna fill you baptize you with my spirit and with fire that purifies and I'm gonna give you a prayer language that the devil can't understand that's gonna be your weapon to use against the enemy and to build up your faith And that was the moment of history where the Holy Spirit came on the scene praise God for that He's never left and he never will

00:09:44.98 - 00:10:11.14 
 he's gonna be right here and he is for you So for today just know the Holy Ghost is a gift In fact I'm a hit on that a little bit more in another episode but he's a gift for you and you can receive him So I wanna encourage you um ask God about that gift God what gift do you have for me What is this Holy Ghost that you have for me

00:10:11.92 - 00:10:19.09 
 Would you give me this gift as well I'm gonna tell you he'll be faithful to do it God always keeps his word

00:10:19.67 - 00:10:22.21 
 in jesus name in jesus name

00:10:22.86 - 00:10:24.21 
 Thanks for being with me today

00:10:47.09 - 00:11:16.11 
 Hey one last thing if you're still with me I want to tell you about a brand new um short read book that I just wrote It's called The Wonder Working Blood It's available on amazon You can pick it up They're super cheap but it's just a good resource to put in your arsenal so that you can learn about the functions of the blood of jesus and how you can use his wonder working powerful blood and apply it in your life and overcome the enemy

00:11:16.49 - 00:11:27.27 
 again It's over on amazon or it's on my website You can find the link there remnant warriors rise dot com You can just go to the resources page It'll be right there for you have a great day