Nov. 28, 2021

Let the glory of the Lord fill God‘s house

Let the glory of the Lord fill God‘s house

Praying for the glory of the Lord to fill God‘s house!#RemnantWarriorsRise #Thankful #Jesus #GloryofGod Please share this on your social media accounts…Facebook, Twitter, even mention on Instagram. **Just so you know…** The podcast is released **Almost daily😀**, and **it’s only 5 or 6 minutes long🔊…an easy listen in the car.** You can listen on iTunes, YouTube, IGTV 🙌🏻 😀, my blog, and on our church app\website. (apple podcast) (my blog) Find me on Instagram Find me on Twitter @LarryShankle Our YouTube Channel is - Remnant Warriors Rise Podcast #SeekJesus Of course you can also find this podcast on our church website or by downloading our church app - I send out emails about each episode, and I really hope you’ll join us and agree in prayer! We are stronger together! Sign up at ⤵️

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