Oct. 8, 2021

Overcoming the Devil’s Attack | Oct. 8, 2021

Overcoming the Devil’s Attack | Oct. 8, 2021

If you are under attack today, you are IN A GOOD PLACE! It might not seem like it, but remember, the reason you’re facing obstacles, fights, difficulties, barriers, hardships, and things like this, is because YOU ARE GOING FORWARD. You have become a threat to the enemy. Your prayers are being heard. Heaven has responded and the answer is on the way, therefore, the enemy wants to attack you as he did Daniel, and stop you BEFORE the Lord’s answer can come through. I encourage you today…DO NOT QUIT! God’s release is coming. God’s help is coming. God’s resource is coming. God’s power is coming. Every thing the Lord promised will come to pass in your life, and you need not fear! Declare and decree along with me…Say, “I am going forward in Jesus’ name, and I will overcome the enemies in my life!” #RemnantWarriorsRise #IntercessoryPrayer Please share this podcast on your social media! Get the prayers out so other people can come into agreement with us and intercede also. Also, please JOIN through email! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…none of them can stop our connection if we join together through email… Sign up at: https://sendfox.com/lp/3l20dp

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