Oct. 5, 2021

Protection From Relational Attack | Oct. 5, 2021

Protection From Relational Attack | Oct. 5, 2021

Not everyone who comes into connection with your life has the best intentions. Certainly, most people have our good in mind, but from time to time, the enemy has a strategy that seeks to catch us off guard. Unknowingly or knowingly, people sometimes attack our spirit. It is a strategy of hell intended to make you stumble. How do you react and responds when an attack comes from a trusted friend or from a family member? How do you react and respond when coworkers, and those you believed to be FOR you, suddenly turn the other direction? These kinds of scenarios have the potential to derail us if we aren’t ready for them, so today we are asking for God’s protective covering from relational attacks and wounds. These sort of attacks often go unmentioned and are not talked about very much, but they are a prime weapon of choice for the enemy. So let’s agree in Jesus’ name that the enemy of our soul will not win against us through relational attacks. #RemnantWarriorsRise #IntercessoryPrayer #RelationalAttacks #WarOfWords #FriendlyFire

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