Oct. 19, 2021

Restoration is Coming | Oct. 19, 2021

Restoration is Coming | Oct. 19, 2021
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There is a work of #RESTORATION coming to the people of God! If you’ve been hurt, burdened down, discouraged, felt alone…Restoration is coming! Don’t allow the lies of the devil to fill your mind, but allow the Holy Spirit to speak words of life into you today. Agree with me in prayer for this restoration from God to flood your heart, soul, life, spirit, family, your dreams, and your hopes. **May you be FILLED with God’s presence today!** Please share this on your social media accounts…Facebook, Twitter, even mention on Instagram. #RemnantWarriorsRise #PrayerPodcast #IntercessoryPrayer #Jesus #Hope **Just so you know…** The podcast is released **Almost daily😀**, and **it’s only 5 or 6 minutes long🔊…an easy listen in the car.** You can listen on iTunes, YouTube, Here 🙌🏻 😀, and on our church app and website. I send out emails about each episode, and I really hope you’ll join us and agree in prayer! We are stronger together! Sign up at ⤵️ https://sendfox.com/lp/3l20dp

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