July 2, 2021

Watchman Prayer July 2, 2021

Watchman Prayer July 2, 2021
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Lord, let your church continue to rise up and be the restraining force through the Holy Spirit that you want us to be. Help your people to take a stand, stand for what is good, right, and holy. Help us to seek your face and open our hearts to heaven. Until Jesus takes the church to heaven, let us be strong and ready. Make us battle ready, and rapture-ready. Lord, let faith arise in your people. Remove fear and doubt, and help us to cling to your Word with all the might inside of us. Declaration: “I determine to take my place, standing against the evil in our nation and in the earth. I will set the Lord before me, and uphold the standard of his name. I will seek his face and his presence in all I do.” Read the post and share https://remnant.blog/watchman-prayer-july-2-2021/

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